Steps to Organize a Business Conference

A conference is a great way for business people to come together and discuss about current global issues and disseminate knowledge on selected topics. If you have been assigned to organize one, you have a big task in hand, especially since the attendees will be prominent business figures, the press and other distinguished people. You might feel lost wondering where to start and how to get things done properly. Here are a few things you can do.

  1. Decide on a theme

First you need to know what the conference will be about. Choose a current global topic that has brought buzz and build context around it. Pick a wide theme so that you can select sub topics under it and have different sessions on them, especially if you have the conference for more than a day. Allocate time slots of maybe one and a half hours so that people won’t get too bored. This theme will be used on all posters, advertisements and other promotional items so make it short and catchy.

  • Make your budget and gather your team

Your employer must be very keen on the cost and hence you need to make sure every penny provided is spent wisely. List down all expenses you will have to incur and set out estimates for each. Set bigger amounts for important expenses such as the venue, promotions, speaker fees etc. Spending on a few promotional gift items will also help in building long term business relationships so make it a point to find a low cost Singapore corporate gift supplier and get a few of them prepared. Next, gather your best team. Allocate each person for separate tasks such as handling press and media, booking the venue, handling vendors, taking care of costs and finances, sponsorships etc.

  • Set date and venue

Pick a date that doesn’t collide with holidays, festivals or other major events. Never plan on a weekend since for attendees, a conference is part of work and not a leisure activity. If there are people flying in, they may be able to stay a few days for sightseeing so Fridays would be a great day to end the conference. Next, book a venue that can hold the total number of guests. Hotels, banquet halls and university halls are some of the most common options. Make sure you pick a place that matches your image as media will be present. The location should be easy to access with ample parking facilities. A hotel would be better if accommodation is needed too


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